Hotaru 3 Way Multi Purpose LED Light by IDEA – Yellow

Hotaru 3 Way Multi Purpose LED Light by IDEA – Yellow

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The Hotaru is an an innovative 3-way LED light that can be used as a standing light, hanging light or hand held torch.

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Hotaru 3 Way Multi Purpose LED Light (Yellow)

HOTARU which means firefly in Japanese guides you with a soft and natural light wherever you go. This cordless USB rechargeable LED light is for multi-use. You can place it, hold it, or hang it.

Discover your own way on how to use HOTARU. The designer’s idea to use a square shape instead of round for the head creates a fresh image and prevents the light from rolling off of a table. The LED Flashlight from IDEA International is in its design different than an ordinary flashlight. The shaft of light is illuminated when the lamp is lit, making it possible to use it as a small light when lying, standing or hanging.

Can be used indoor as well as outdoor. USB cable with base included for recharging the batteries.

The innovative Hotaru is Japanese designed and available on Urbanities in two colours – Green or Yellow.

The 3-Way LED light is a USB rechargeable water-repellent LED light, adjustable in three stages of brigtness and serve different purposes:

* Place – as a indirect lighting for bed-side, baby caring or reading

* Hold – as a torch in campsite or outdoor activities

* Suspended – with the color band as a pendant light.

Product Specs

Dimensions: H12cm x W12cm x D12cm

Light Source: Energy Efficient LED

Material: Polypropylene, Rubber

Power Source: 2 x AAA Ni-MH batterier

Designer: Idea International Japan

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