The Gummylamp: Squeezable Purple Gummy Bear Lamp

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At first these may look like edible Giant Gummy Bears but don’t try to eat them! No matter how delicious they look these are actually super adorable night lamps in the shape of the iconic gummy bears.

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The Purple Gummylamp

Resist the temptation to eat these gummy bears! But wait at first these may look like edible Giant Gummy Bears don’t try to eat them though as they may look like the iconic candy, these are actually USB lights! The Gummylamp a very quirky novelty lamp that you would probably want to chew a little! Introducing the Gummylamp: an homage to the most iconic candy the world has ever known.

It looks and feels like an actual Gummy Bear, just 100 times bigger and infinitely more useful. Squeeze its belly and, instead of getting your fingers sticky, a high-powered LED light switches on, illuminating the immediate space around you. SO delectably adorable you’ll be glad that you can’t eat him!

During the day, this cute gummi bear will take the boredom out of any room and at night, with a squeeze of his tummy, he provides sweet splashes of ambient coloured light. He even comes with a one hour sleep timer, so there’s no worrying about overheating or running down the batteries.

Safe AND economical – score! We realise that, technically, adults aren’t supposed to need a nightlight but this little guy is so cute no justification is required!

Features of the Gummy Bear Lamp:

– Gummy lamps come in a whole range of different colours: blue, purple, white, red, green, clear, yellow and orange

– Long-lasting LED bulbs

– Portable powered via either two AA batteries (not included) or by electricity. USB to 5V DC cable included (5 feet long)

– Gummi bear lamps stand 18cm tall and are 9cm wide, 8cm deep

– Squeezable tummy on/off switch

– One hour sleep and infinite timers

– Wall mountable: hole in back for nail, screw or hook (none included)

– Packaged in a window display box with original artwork and nutritional facts

A great gift idea for a birthday gift, or for a kid’s room or for even as a gag office gift!

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