About the Organ Plush by I Heart Guts

Plush Organ Toys by I Heart Guts…Find Out What Each Real Human Organ Does


“Womb Service!”

The uterus is the female reproductive organ, which means she helps make and hold new human beings. Cool! The ovaries release eggs, which may or may not be fertilized by an incoming sperm. If there’s no sperm, the egg and the uterine lining flush out in the big bloody mess known as the menstrual cycle.

This is the time of the month when you are extra-nice to your ladyfriends. If the sperm and the egg meet and get along, well, then there’s gonna be a kid in nine months with plenty of womb to grow!

Uterus in Japanese, shikyuu, also means “four balls” as well as “hit a batter by pitching a ball.” Go figure. See the Fox & Monocle online store for an array of uterus-related gifts.


“Join the Airforce!”

Lungs bring fresh oxygen into our bodies, removing carbon dioxide and other gas waste products so we can breathe easy. Next time you inhale, give thanks to these powerful windbags. Say lungs in Japanese: Hai! See all lung-related I Heart Guts stuff here.


“Feel the Beat!”

Meet the hardest working organ in show business–your heart. This muscular organ pumps oxygenated blood throughout the body and beats approximately 100,000 times per day! That’s a lot of love.

Say heart in Japanese: shinzou!

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“I Think Therefore I Am!”

What doesn’t the brain do? It keeps all the other organs in check, managing complex operations such as temperature, hunger, thirst, love, anger, and fear. Of course it takes care of memory, dreams, speaking and imagination.

Fire up them neurons! Say brain in Japanese: nou!

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“I Ache for You!”

The stomach creates a highly acidic environment used to digest all the cookies, ice cream and bacon you gobble up. This lil’ guy’s digestive juices help break down food for the intestine, which absorbs the actual nutrients. Don’t forget to chew. Say stomach in Japanese: Ibukuro!

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“I’m a Liver Not A Fighter!”

The liver makes many of the body’s most vital chemicals, including cholesterol, bile, proteins and the clotting factors needed to stop bleeding. It also stores sugars, proteins, vitamins for use later. The liver also helps break down harmful substances and metabolize drugs. He works in detox! Say liver in Japanese: Kanzou!

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“Urine for a Treat!”

The bladder stores your pee until you’re ready to go! Most bladders hold approximately 300-400 ml of liquid, about the size of a can and a half of soda. Drink up! When you pee, your brain tells the muscles in your bladder to tighten and squeeze out the urine. In Japanese, the word for bladder, boukou, also means “violence.”

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“Smells Like Spleen Spirit!”

Your spleen keeps your blood tidy and fresh by battling disease in the bloodstream. This queen of clean serves as your primary blood filter and largest lymph organ. It brings blood into contact with lymphocytes, which happily attack foreign bodies, and cleans worn-out red and white blood cells. Go spleen!

Say spleen in Japanese: Hizou!

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“Gimme Some Sugar!”

The pancreas is a cute little organ nestled between the bottom of the stomach and the top of the small intestine. This little guy produces digestive enzymes, but he is best known for producing the hormone insulin. We need insulin to help us process glucose from the blood stream. Say pancreas in Japanese: suizou! Enjoy some pancreas-related merchandise from I Heart Guts.

Gall Bladder

“You’ve Got Gall!”

The gallbladder collects and concentrates bile, a substance made by the liver and used to digest fat. Bile helps keeps your cholesterol in check! Gall stones are the crystals that sometimes form from the bile. You can give your gallbladder a break by laying off the fat. In Japanese, the word for gallbladder, tan-nou, also means skillful or proficient. You go, Gall! Get some gallbladder-y gifts in the Fox & Monocle online store.


“Urine Good Hands!”

The kidneys — most folks have two — clean and process your blood, pick out the waste and return fresh blood to your bloodstream. Extra water pulled from the blood becomes pee! Say kidney in Japanese: Jinzou! Take a look at some kidney gifts and stuff in the Fox & Monocle online store.


“You’ve Got Guts!!”

The small intestine absorbs nutrients from food, while the large intestine absorbs water and excretes solid waste. The appendix, located at the bottom right of the intestine, doesn’t do much of anything. It may have been used to digest cellulose, but we think it’s also pretty darn cute, and every intestine needs a friend.

Say intestine in Japanese: Cho!

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“Having a Ball!”

These family jewels produce sex hormones and sperm. Testosterone makes the man, helping sperm find and fertilize those lady eggs. Sperm is the swimming cell responsible for the studly art of reproduction. Absolutely nuts! Take a peek at all our testicle things for sale in the Fox & Monocle online store.

Prostate Gland

“A Seminal Work!”

The prostate produces the fluid in semen that nourishes and protects sperm, which are made in the testicles. Most of what goes into semen comes from the seminal vesicle glands, seen here atop the prostate. This walnut-sized exocrine gland sits just below a man’s bladder. He’s a real right-hand gland!


“Ova Achiever!”

The ovaries produce eggs and release sex hormones estrogen and progesterone, which control all kinds of female reproductive mayhem from period regulation to babymaking. The two ovaries take turns releasing eggs down the fallopian tubes for possible fertilization. It’s the gland of the ladies.

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Mammary Gland

“Gland of Milk & Honey!”

There’s a very good reason we’re all obsessed with boobs — they feed our young! These exocrine glands produce milk for babies. Estrogen promotes their development in women while testosterone prohibits development in men, even though mammary glands exist in both sexes — neat, huh? So everyone can give thanks for the mammaries! Take a peek at our mammarian merchandise over at the I Heart Guts shoppe.

Thyroid Gland

“Feelin’ Hormonal!”

Whether you’re a couch potato or a marathon runner, the thyroid tells the body how fast to go. This gland serves as the body’s furnace, deciding how much energy to burn. It’s metabolism central, baby. See all our thyroid-related stuff at I Heart Guts.

Parathyroid Gland

“Who Needs Calcium?!”

The parathyroid glands secrete a hormone that tells the body how to divvy up calcium between the bones and the blood. They hang out on the back of the thyroid gland in the neck area, but rumors about a relationship between the two are just that — they’re just friends. Can you believe we sell parathyroid lapel pins in the Fox & Monocle store?

Pituitary Gland

“Glandmaster Flash!”

Even though the pituitary is just a tiny little pea-sized nubbin hanging out at the base of your brain, he is known as the master gland because he controls all of the other endocrine glands (however, he is controlled, in turn, by the hypothalamus). His main functions include stimulating growth, regulating blood pressure, sex hormones, metabolism and water regulation. He’s one busy fella. See all our pituitary gland goodies in the I Heart Guts shoppe.

Pineal Gland

“Gland of Nod!”

If your dreams are sweet, thank your pineal gland! This endocrine champ secretes melatonin, a hormone that may control sleep and wake patterns. It hangs out in the middle of the brain making this sweet sleepy substance all night long.

The name comes from the gland’s pine-cone-like shape. He’ll take you to the gland of nod.

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Sebaceous Gland

“Squeeze Me!”

On a good day, these glands act as the body’s in-house salon by producing sebum to lubricate your skin, follicles and hair. Overactive sebaceous glands create too much sebum, leading to the skin trouble we all hate — acne!

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Salivary Glands

“Spittin’ Image!”

The major players in the salivary game are the parotid gland, submandibular gland, and sublingual glands, all located in your head with drainage into your mouth so they can help grease up your meals for eating.

Saliva breaks down snacks before it enters the world of digestion, and also contains antibodies that keep your mouth clean and healthy.

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Sweat Gland

“Keep Cool!”

Next time you think sweat stinks, remind yourself how important sweat glands are when you’re at the gym or nervous before a hot date. These glands regulate body temperature so you stay cool. It’s getting hot in here! Check out all our sweat-gland goodies at Fox & Monocle.

Adrenal Glands

“What a Rush!”

The adrenal glands sit atop your kidneys and work with the hypothalamus and pituitary glands to regulate metabolism and immunity.

Most famously, the adrenal glands squish out the hormone adrenaline, which controls the body’s “fight or flight” response by speeding up your heart rate and otherwise pumping you up.

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Thymus Gland

“All Glands on Deck!”

An important part of the body’s immune system, the thymus gives infection-fighting cells — called T-cells after the thymus — a nice place to live while they grow up and get ready to fight. Don’t be immune to his charms.

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Hypothalamus Gland

“This Gland’s in Demand!”

The hypothalamus gland has a very important job — to connect the nervous system with the endocrine system. He’s a real smooth operator and releases the hormone oxytocin, which plays a role in what you feel when you’re in love. He works from deep inside your brain to make hormones that make other glands make hormones. He even controls the so-called “master gland,” the pituitary gland.

The hypothalamus also has a hand in regulating body temperature, hunger, thirst, fatigue, and anger. He’s kind of a big deal.

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