1/100 Mini Architectural Model: Trees

1/100 Mini Architectural Model: Trees

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Create a beautiful garden on your work desk with these 1/100 scale Street Trees Model.

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Terada Mokei 1/100 Scale Model – Trees

Try your hand at building a small scale model! It’s the Street Trees range – part of the Terada Mokei Architectural Model range, which you can easily assemble simply by tearing off the precut parts. Four street trees inspired by Zelkova trees, native to East Asia, are included.

The leaves and branches are separated in parts, and the sense of the season can be created. The simple modelling, which omits fine details, is also highly versatile and complements the sense of scale.

Designer Naoki Terada believes that 1/100 is the perfect scale for creating, as it creates just enough difference in the objects, such as between human poses and gestures, a folding chair and a wooden chair, and a Shiba Inu and a Golden Retriever.

The Terada Mokei Architectural Model Accessories kit is great for those who love arts and crafts. It also makes a wonderful present for children – get them using their hands and minds rather watching tv and playing computer games.

The Model Includes:

Street trees, bench, crow, little birds, dogs, cats, bicycles and so on.

Material: Cardboard

Package size: 170mm x 110 mm

Weight: 12 grams

More about Terada-Mokei:

It was established in 2011 with a view to exploring the potential for modelling, which is created by scaling things down and giving them detail, through models. It reflects Naoki Terada’s belief that when real items are replaced with models, the latter have an essence of reality, stuffed with dreams, and the potential to become more vibrant. Terada also considers it important to enjoy the process of assembling models.

Terada-Mokei also hopes to convey the fun of assembling models and imagining the same. ‘I designed the accessory sets as kits you can assemble. As the accessory kits are assembly kits, I designed them to be fun for you to do so, however I would be just as pleased if you are so inclined to just enjoy envisioning their unassembled potential as well. As with assembling plastic models, the most exciting part is looking over the ‘blueprints’ and imagining their potential. If it makes you happy just to hold the package, that would make me happy as well.’

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