Skin – Epidermis Plush by I Heart Guts

Skin – Epidermis Plush by I Heart Guts

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This plush feels soft against your own skin. The body’s largest organ the skin or epidermis is now available as a plush toy from I Heart Guts!

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Skin – Epidermis Plush by I Heart Guts

*Available from mid November. Pre-sale from 8 Nov 2015

High-quality 9in x 9in x 7in plush feels soft against your own skin, the body’s largest organ! Our skin bundles up all our organs into a single neat and tidy package.

As the body’’s largest organ, skin protects us from germs and infection and helps us enjoy the sensation of touch. With help from the sweat glands, our skin serves as the body’s air-conditioner to help us maintain a healthy body temperature.

Love the skin you’’re in!

Hangtag Details

You Give Me Goosebumps

Location: covering the outside of your body

Likes: dermatologists, sweat glands, sunscreen, lotion

Dislikes: tanning beds, acne, scabs

Movies: The Seven Year Itch, skin flicks

Music: Skin Tight by Ohio Players, Electric Feel by MGMT

Wants to meet: Someone who doesn’’t make my flesh crawl.

Designed by I Heart Guts in Washington, USA.

This is a soft collectible plush, great for yourself or as a gift to friends and workmates.

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