Tea for Two Deluxe Black Cat (Stackable) Tea Set by Shinzi Katoh

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The deluxe black cat Tea for Two set from Japan by designer Shinzi Katoh is a stylish and unique addition to any fun loving kitchen.

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Tea for Two Deluxe Black Cat Stackable Tea Set

Tea for Two is a delightful product brought to you from renowned Zakka artist Shinzi Katoh.

What is Zakka exactly? Well it refers to everything and anything that improves your home, life and appearance. This enchanting tea set most certainly fits the bill! Instead of an ordinary teapot lid, a pretty black kitty pokes her head out to let you know it’s time for a cuppa and a slice of something sweet!

The set is comprised of a black teapot, two black moulded stackable cups, rimmed with white polka dots and a mesh tea strainer which fits neatly into the mouth of the teapot. The handles of the pot and cups are shaped like curly cat tails. The teapot is 7 inches tall and 6.5 inches diameter including the spout and handle, and holds 16 ounces. This is a super fun and adorable tea set and addition to any kitchen or living room and is a great gift for people of all ages.

The Shinzi Katoh tea sets are Japanese designed and made from high-quality ceramic with a unique look and style that makes them great gifts for special occasions or as a perfect accompaniment to any fun kitchen or living room. These ceramic tea sets are both microwave and dishwasher safe.

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Bringing Japanese Zakka to Your Home:

Shinzi Katoh is a Japanese Zakka artist based in Aichi in the central region of Japan. His motto is to design products that make people happy, which is evident in his whimsical and charming range of tea sets. If you are not familiar with ”Zakka” it is all about the cute designer items for the home and kitchen that make living easier and more enjoyable.

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About Shinzi Katoh

Designer, creator, illustrator, artist, writer, all these can be expressed in one word: Shinzi. Shinzi Katoh is a Japanese designer followed by fans all over the world for his cute and cheerful designs.

With a career spanning over 30 years, Shinzi has created more than 10,000 designs for every object imaginable – stationary, bags, tableware, shoes, books, clothing and sleepwear, linens, sweets, stuffed toys, jewellery, digital media….in fact, it is difficult to find an item that has not been touched with an original Shinzi design! In addition to his own product lines, he has also done unique design collaborations with Disney, Hello Kitty, Anne of Green Gables and Moncchichi. In response to environmental concerns of our times, he created the polar bear character, Sorabear, to educate and raise awareness of global warming.

His products can be found brightening the mood in homes and kitchens all over the World!

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