Yellow Paint Tube Doorstopper by +d Japan

Yellow Paint Tube Doorstopper by +d Japan

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Do you like to paint? Well this doorstopper won’t help with the painting but it is super quirky and colourful!

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Paint Tube Doorstop Yellow

A quirky doorstop that looks just like an artist’s tube of paint.

These colourful doorstops are not only a useful itembut they will add a dash of colour to your house and since they come in so many colours you can co-ordinate with your décor! These unique door stops are designed by Tetsuo Shibuya a freelance designer fascinated by the design of every day products after he began his career in the design of household goods. His personal focus is finding different uses for everyday items.

The Paint Tube Doorstopper is a fun little tube-shaped doorstop that holds doors firmly in place – when not in use, just stand it upright and it is out of the way! With the assistance of the Tube Doorstopper you’ll never get locked out of home again. Often you find that when your hands are full with bags or when you’re taking out the rubbish that keeping the door open is almost impossible! The paint tube doorstopper turns what looks like a paint tube into a handy door jam. Get a few these in different colours to keep all the doors around the house open when needed.

Choose from an array of paint colours to co-ordinate with your own interior design – Orange, Yellow, Green and Navy. Size: 110mm x 150mm x 34mm Weighs 85grams Material: Soft Silicone

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