Placenta Plushie by I Heart Guts

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Placenta plush toy collectable from the I Heart Guts series of plush organs.

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Placenta Plushie by I Heart Guts *Just in New!

Join the afterbirth party with this amazing 10 inch x 8 inch x 5 inch placenta plush! Along with the uterus, the placenta is truly baby’s first friend. This amazing organ grows with the fetus, shuttling nutrients, gases and waste via the umbilical cord through what will someday be the baby’s belly button. Just don’t tell placenta she’s temporary. Weirdest baby gift ever! Book-like hangtag extols the virtues of this awesome organ. Safe for all ages, packed in biodegradable plastic sleeve.

The placenta acts to provide oxygen and nutrients to the fetus, whilst removing carbon dioxide and other waste products. It metabolises a number of substances and can release metabolic products into maternal and fetal circulations.

Designed in USA by I Heart Guts, Fox & Monocle is the Australian official retailer.

Hangtag Details:

Placenta : Afterbirth Party
: inside the uterus during gestation
Likes: uteri, fetuses, midwives
Dislikes: forced retirement after 9 months
Fave Song: “I’m Coming Out” by Diana Ross
Fave Album: In Utero by Nirvana
Fun Fact: The word “placenta” comes from the Latin word for cake!



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