“Paper Cut” Luxury Fine Art – Dodo Anatomica (Framed)

“Paper Cut” Luxury Fine Art – Dodo Anatomica (Framed)

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Unique designer hand made “paper cut” framed Dodo anatomica design.

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Framed Australian Designed Paper Cut Art Piece the Dodo Anatomica

These hand cut paper anatomic designs feature a black bird silhouette, overlayed with the skeleton of the bird giving a 3d effect.

This frame features the long extinct dodo which used to inhabit the islands of Mauritius before it was hunted to extinction. The Dodo was famous for being a flightless bird with a comically large beak that has coined the phrase “gone the way of the Dodo”.

The Dodo silhouette is black and the skeleton overlay is white with a black frame. Just like the Dodo these paper cut designs are limited edition and are numbered (and also hand signed).

The artwork is 8 by 10 inches (framed) This paper cut out art is designed in Melbourne and is a great fit for those looking for unique art and design decor to add to your home. Each series is uniquely designed on a limited run basis and is a hand made luxury fine art piece.

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