The Obag – 3L Wall Hanging Wine Bag in Natural Colour with Hook

The Obag – 3L Wall Hanging Wine Bag in Natural Colour with Hook

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The Obag reinvents the traditional bag in box/wine bag and looks stylish and can be hung anywhere.

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THE OBAG (3 Litres) Obag’ reinvents the traditional bag in box/wine bag.

Whoever thought of a bag in a box, known as ‘BIB’ that can’t be new and stylish. Who has never hidden the box because it’s not fashionably elegant. Times are being revolutionised, Obag’ revisits the BIB, it is simply more elegant than a carton and able to be easily reused. It is less cumbersome, packs away easily which helps with kitchen storage, on a hook and available for when you want to share when the occasion arises. In fact, you find that the BIB holds wine, but the market for BIB is open to other liquids such as water, vegetable oils and fruit juices too. It can therefore accompany picnics and events to dress up a meal and it can be put anywhere using the hook. Obag’ is also a product which is ecologically compliant as well as elegant and is manufactured using French linen weaved by the house of Deren as referenced by the ‘CELC’ Masters of Linen (European Confederation of Linen and Hemp).

Available in natural or dark green colour and comes with the hook. Instructions To open the carton of the BIB, remove the plastic bladder container, insert it into the Obag’ pouch, tie the chord around the tap/valve and slide the zipper closed. Obag’ is now ready to be used. It can easily be put in the fridge and flattens when is empty of the liquid. Once the BIB is empty, you no longer need the packaging inside. Empty the BIB and then you can recharge/ refill the Obag’. Obag’ fits easily in a drawer until needed again. The material/ production protects it from spots and stains and it can even be cleaned.

1. open the zipper 2. slide the BIB inside. 3. close the zipper and tie the chord around the tap/ valve. 4. suspend the Obag’ wherever you want!

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