Nintendo Donkey Kong RE-STIK Wall Sticker / Decal

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The very popular Nintendo Donkey Kong wall decal. A great gift and decoration for a kids room or the modern quirky office. Popular guy’s gift.

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Nintendo – Donkey Kong Wall Sticker

The very popular Nintendo Donkey Kong now as a wall decal that is easy to apply, removable and also REUSABLE!

In 1981 Donkey Kong smashed into the arcade video gaming scene. It was the first to tell a complete narrative in gaming format and the first to use the damsel-in-distress paradigm, later mimicked by countless other video games. Mario became Nintendo’s mascot and he and Kong went on to become two of Nintendo’s most popular characters. The Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) version of Donkey Kong (1986) brought Nintendo and these iconic characters into the homes of game lovers worldwide.

Made with blik Re-Stik these movable and reusable decals are based on the same 8-bit graphics from the NES version of Donkey Kong. This is an official Nintendo licensed product.

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