Mugtail Cat in Fine Porcelain by Kinto Japan

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Mugtail Cat in Fine Porcelain by Kinto Japan on RRP $24.95

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Cat Mugtail Fine Porcelain Mug

Make your daily ritual sweeter with the Mugtail cup. Choose your animal, and the tail handle that suits you.

Just like forest animals out of a fairy tale, their feathery tails peek out from the side of the mugtails. Add a backlight and you’ll see the finely etched animal profile on the side of the mug.

Designed in light weight easy to hold ceramic these mugs have a matte finish, which adds a nice feel under the fingers whilst drinking your favourite afternoon beverage.

Perfect for just drinking or as a decor accessory on a kitchen or living room table… if you want you can even add a little candle inside the cup and let the light illuminate the animal etched shapes.

Made from high-grade thin porcelain that is microwave safe.

Designed by Kinto / Surmometer Japan.


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