Testicle Self-Exam Card By I Heart Guts

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Grab your gonads and do a checkup with this cool self-exam card by I Heart Guts!

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I Heart Guts Testicle Self-Exam Card

Next time you happen to grab your gonads, tell ’em you’re just checking yourself for testicular cancer! This handy laminated 11.5″ x 9″ card is just the thing to keep around to help check yourself monthly. A cool gift for guys of any age (they should take better care of themselves!). Also a great addition to any doctor’s surgery as a light hearted way to teach men about how to check themselves. Give this self-exam card to a guy friend at a birthday party and you’ll embarrass him completely!

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About IHeartGuts:

I Heart Guts was born in 2005 and is the brainchild of an anatomically obsessed illustrator with a desire to make the internal organs quirky and fun for all. I Heart Gut is educational and cheeky at the same time with silly little slogans paired with each of the happy organ plushies.

I Heart Guts designs plushies, t-shirts and self-exam posters that feature organs, glands and guts all drawn with a cute and quirky style. These are great gifts for people of all ages and of course med students and doctors! You’ll find lots of I Heart Guts plushies, tees, posters and self-exam cards here on Urbanities!

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