Breast Self-exam Card By I Heart Guts

Breast Self-exam Card By I Heart Guts

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Get to know your boobs and do a checkup with this cool self-exam card by I Heart Guts!

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I Heart Guts Breast Self-Exam Card

The importance of the breast self-exam may be under scrutiny, but it never hurts to know one’s own body, especially when it comes to your girls. Get to know your boobs better than the creepy guy at the gym and you’ll be aware of any changes in case they happen. This handy 8.5″ x 11″ laminated card breaks it down so that cancer doesn’t get the breast of you.

A great gift for girls and women of all ages, also handy for doctors and nurses!

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About IHeartGuts:

I Heart Guts was born in 2005 and is the brainchild of an anatomically obsessed illustrator with a desire to make the internal organs quirky and fun for all. I Heart Gut is educational and cheeky at the same time with silly little slogans paired with each of the happy organ plushies.

I Heart Guts designs plushies, t-shirts and self-exam posters that feature organs, glands and guts all drawn with a cute and quirky style. These are great gifts for people of all ages and of course med students and doctors! You’ll find lots of I Heart Guts plushies, tees, posters and self-exam cards here on Urbanities!

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