Lumino Glowing Wall Clock by IDEA – Dark Wood

Lumino Glowing Wall Clock by IDEA – Dark Wood

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The Lumino wall clock combines an elegant style with a soft warm glow by night. This wall clock captures light during the day that is released in the dark

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The Glowing Lumino Wall Clock by Idea International

Enjoy the mystical beauty of the Lumino Clock. During the day the Lumino wall clock absorbs light energy that it then emits during the evening or night creating a gentle glow in the dark.

The tilt of the clock balances the glowing function which creates the same visual of a full moon in your room. The smooth wood-grain surface of the frame gives the clock a classic style, integrating well into any interior.

The Lumino wall clock is designed by the innovative designers from Idea International Japan and is a unique decor item for a home, office or shop and is available on Urbanities in two colours – dark brown wood or natural wood.

Features of the Lumino Wall Clock

Specs: 8in Diameter and 3.5in Deep

Materials: Wood

Design by: Idea International Japan

Light: Glows in the dark

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