Vinyl Record Table Placemats by Gama-Go (Set of 4)

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Classic and retro…impress your guests with a set of Vinyl Record table placemats. Soft, flexible, easy to clean and totally seventies style!

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Vinyl Record Table Placemats by Gama Go (Set of four)

These are a quirky addition to the dinner table…vinyl record style table placemats. This set of 4 silicone placemats puts a new spin on dinner. Make every meal a hit and don’t scratch up your table. Use this set of four dishwasher-friendly silicone records to lay down the right groove for dinner. Breakfast, lunch and dinner, you can rock around the clock with this easy-to-clean, dust resistant placemats.

The placemats are soft and flexible and non-slip as well.

Designed by the creative team at Gama-Go.

Also see the Vinyl Record Coasters (Set of Four) if you want to make a complete table set.

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