Fuuvi Milk Box 35mm Film Point-n-Click Camera – Gulp!

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The fun 35mm point-n-click camera by Fuuvi shaped like a Milk box.

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Fuuvi Milk Box 35mm Film Point-n-Click Camera – Gulp

The playful 35mm film camera shaped like a Milk box!

This is no ordinary Milk box that you see in everyday lunchboxes, it’s a one of a kind 35mm film point and click camera in disguise!

With a simple twist of the straw to turn it on and a few cranks to wind it up, you’re set to take all sorts of pictures on the go. It is very light weight, adorable and all your friends will want one!

This Juice Box camera is designed by Fuuvi Japan and is very kawaii! It comes with a 28mm F9.5 lens, 1/100 second shutter speed and photo taking distance of 1m to long-range.

Fuuvi’s Milk Box Camera is a reusable camera which can be reused when you’ve finished the roll of film. Simply rewind the whole roll back up with the ‘rewind crank’ (after all your photos are taken), and replace it with a new roll of 35mm film. 35mm is what our parents used to shoot photos with and brings a distinctive style to photographs!

To capture an image, it’s as easy as looking through the view finder and a press of the button. The camera also has a film counter that keeps track of how many photos have already been taken.

The Fuuvi Camera Range:

The Fuuvi cameras come in a range of styles and ‘flavours’ including the Juice Box 35mm camera, the Milk Box 35mm camera, the Megane (glasses shape) digital camera, the Chocolate block digital camera and the Bee 8mm film style handheld digital camera.

Features of the Camera:
* Material: Plastic casing
* Dimensions: 10cm x 6.5cm x 3.5cm
* Lens: 28mm F9.5
* 1/100 sec shutter speed
* Photo taking distance: 1m
* 35mm film not included
* No zoom or focus capability
* No flash

About Fuuvi Cameras

Fuuvi is a Japanese based company that designs quirky and fun products. The Fuuvi range of cameras are sometimes called toy cameras but they are more than just that, they are fun and playful whilst combining retro charm with modern technology. You will find that Fuuvi’s cameras are a great collectible and gift item for friends, family and colleagues at work!

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