Reindeer 3D Cardboard Figurine by d-Torso

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This little Reindeer is a 3D figurine that will grace your display shelf and bring the forest to your home!

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Reindeer 3D Cardboard Figurine (Black)

This Reindeer figurine is great fun as a DIY self-assembly kit, puzzle and ornament These 3D cardboard figurines are ingenious cute little designs of animals…this Reindeer stands about 6 inches high. Designed by Japan based d-Torso that specialises in animal figurines and cardboard sculptures.

How the 3D Figurines are Designed

The animal models are created by dividing an initial 3-Dimensional (3D) sculpture into horizontal data slices, these slices are then transposed to templates and then cutting each layer is out of cardboard. This system is known as the Dimension Transforming System (DTS) that was developed by Aki Co., Ltd. in Japan. Data is managed by computer throughout all processes, from designing to manufacturing the models.

Laser machines are used to cut all the parts, which makes microscopic manufacturing with various materials possible. This also ensures that each figurine’s parts are accurately made and easy to assemble. This process results in extremely realistic and cute animal figurine cut outs that will add a unique décor element to any book shelf, bedroom or coffee table.

The d-torso 3D cut outs ship flat so you get to experience the joy and satisfaction of putting all the pieces together (don’t worry they are easy to put together!). Once assembled the animal figurines provide a pleasant surprise: their articulated contours cast amazing shadows.

These 3D animal cut outs are a perfect gift for anyone interested in design, animals or just looking for an original sculptural piece! The cardboard is fully recyclable making these delightful animal figurines an environmentally friendly option.

Key Features of the 3D Figurines:

*Fun assemble-it-yourself models to do with friends or family

*Made from accurate laser cut black cardboard

*Includes instructions in English

*Comes in a small flat packed case


*Size varies by animal – approx. 5 inches tall or long e.g. Rabbit is 4.8in high and Rhino is 4.9in long

About Yuki Matsuoka The Creator:

The first “d-torso” was created in 1998 by Yuki Matsuoka. In July of the same year, he creates his own company and sells the first pieces in April 1999. In October 2001, he receives the Good Design Award – delivered by Industrial Design Japanese Federation. Now, Yuki Matsuoka creates furnitures, luminaries and decoration articles. d-Torso designs continue to receive design awards from all over the World.

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