Ship in a Bottle Pillow (Feather-Down) by Coral & Tusk

Ship in a Bottle Pillow (Feather-Down) by Coral & Tusk

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The classic ship in a bottle. Designed and handmade in New York from Coral and Tusk. This is a super soft and plush feather and down pillow or cushion (cool in summer and warm in winter).

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Ship in a Bottle Pillow/Cushion

Ever wonder what a message in a bottle would say? Now you can be the one to leave the message …but without all the problems of being shipwrecked and stranded on a desert island. This pillow is perfect for conveying secret messages and stashing your Friday night pizza money. Leave a message for someone special in the front pocket of this pillow. Wonder how those crabs got into the bottle?

This petite pillow is beautifully handcrafted and embroidered with original artwork by Stephanie Housley of Coral and Tusk.

Perfect for afternoon snoozes or just for making the couch look pretty! Pillow has a 95% small feather, 5% down insert. Embroidered cover on 100% linen fabric. Back fabric is also 100% linen.

The use of a feather down insert makes this ultra-comfy pillow cool and breathable in summer, warm and cosy in winter. Measures 12 inches × 16 inches. Pocket measures 8 inches × 11 inches. Cover is removable for cleaning. Machine wash cold (turn inside out) and tumble dry low.

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About Coral & Tusk

Coral & Tusk designer and founder Stephanie Housley is a graduate of Rhode Island School of Design, she has been living and working in New York as a textile designer, specializing in woven fabrics. Stephanie spends several months out of the year in India, designing textile collections.

Her experiences with textiles and crafts in her travels have inspired her unique and sensitive handling of colour and surfaces. You will find Coral & Tusk cushions, pillows and kid’s designs are heavily inspired by animals, the sea and marine life which are integrated with the use of natural fabrics and materials.

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