Camouflage Teacup Hidden Rabbit

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Hidden animal teacups, sip your tea and you will find a little animal at the bottom of your teacup.

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Camouflage Teacup Hidden Rabbit

Olly olly oxen free, I see three! These cute and cuddly creatures are not the best hiders. In an attempt to stay camouflaged, these little critters forgot about their tails. Available in three different styles, Rabbit, Fox and Squirrel, the Creature Camouflage Teacups are the perfect companion for your favourite beverage.

Sip your drink down and you will discover this little animals hiding in your teacup. Sold individually or buy as a set. These are large size cups, perfect for soup, a big coffee or just hot chocolate with friends!

Note that the Rabbit tail handle is fairly big and can be gripped easily.

Features of the Hidden Animal Teacups:
* Size: Approximately 5in diameter and 3.5in high
* Description: Large porcelain Mug
* Material: Porcelain ceramic

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