Block Bento Lunch Box (Multi Compartment) – Yellow

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The very unique Bento Block lunch boxes in bright colours with two levels, chopsticks, cooling pack and elastic strap. You can even stack them like Lego blocks if you get more than one.

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Bento – Yellow Block Lunch Box

The very unique Bento Block lunch box in bright colours has multiple food compartments, chopsticks and an elastic strap. The BLOCK Bento box looks like a giant Lego or Duplo block… you can even stack the BLOCK bento boxes like Lego blocks if you get more than one!

Each lunch box is two-tier with closed layers and is perfect for office or school lunches and great for those that like quirky kitchen stuff!

The BLOCK bento box is made from 100% food grade materials and can withstand temperatures of -20C to 140C. So you can use these for very hot or cold foods such as for picnics and office or school lunches.

Safe for use in:

– Microwaves (remove the lid, chopsticks and gel pack)

– Dishwasher

– Freezer

Who is the Block Lunch Box suitable for?

School kids, office workers or anyone who likes cute and quirky kitchenwear. Includes a reusable gel cooling pack that can be chilled in the fridge to keep your food cold and small chopsticks in their own compartment.


** BLOCK Bento lunch box

** Small chopsticks that fit within the box

** Gel pack that can be chilled and keeps the food cold

** Elastic coloured strap

Size of the lunchbox:

The lunchbox is 16cm by 8cm by 8cm in size (includes the two tiers).

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About the Designer PrimeN

PrimeN is a designer of cute and fun Bento boxes, drink bottles and other lunch accessories. All their designs are playful and for the young at heart. Each year they release new designs from their Tokyo based design studio.

All their products are 100% food grade material and safe for kids and adults to use in their daily life.

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