Babybot Doodle Wall Sticker

Babybot Doodle Wall Sticker

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Before your kids can draw doodles on the wall get this cute Doodles wall graphic by Babybot.

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Babybot Doodle Wall Sticker

Just don’t ask Babybot or Beaverbot to help tie your shoes. They’re too busy sorting out this scribbly wall decal. Kids love to doodle and this is a very quirky wall graphic that is perfect for a kids’ room or other playful area.

The Doodle wall sticker will add colour and feature to an otherwise plain wall whilst being removable. Made by Blik in collaboration with Babybot who are eccentric designers of wall art and graphics.

* Photographs may use more than one package. Includes 14 decals in total per package.

About Babybot the Designer: Babybot is more than just a modern baby store – it’s an attitude. If people love beautiful, relevant and design-inspired products, why should baby products be any different? From the loveable Babybot to the opinionated Cyclops Twins, this is a brand that has inspired thousands of loyal followers with their unique shopping experience. Their awesome product selection includes everything from strollers and toys to sippy cups and, of course, Blik wall decals! And did we mention they hail from Canada, eh?

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