Atari Pong Re-Stik Wall Sticker

Atari Pong Re-Stik Wall Sticker

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The classic Pong video game that has become legendary. Now Pong comes as a series of wall decals so you can add some vintage game play to any surface of your choice!

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Atari Pong Re-Stik Wall Sticker

Introduced in 1972, Pong quickly became a video game legend. Now you can become a legend in your own home by defeating your opponent by just peeling and sticking. This is an official Atari licensed product featuring Pong a classic game of the seventies and eighties.

These wall decals are great for a whole range of spaces that can be livened up with a playful and iconic image of the Pong game in action. Use the wall decals in place of a hanging print or other artwork. Includes 50 decals in total per package. This Atari Pong wall sticker is Re-stik which means you can remove and reapply in a different place (make sure the surface and your hands are clean!). The wall decals can be applied very quickly and go on smoothly as Blik decals are high quality and durable and made to last a long time on any clean surface.

The Atari Pong as a wall sticker is a unique wall art accessory for any home. There are many places that would suit the Atari Pong wall sticker, some ideas are – a kid’s room, a fun office, a toy shop, a games room…in fact any place where you know your visitors will appreciate this classic artwork.

About Atari the Designer: Atari group is a global creator, producer and publisher of interactive entertainment. Atari’s brands and content are available across all key traditional and digital distribution touch points, including browser-based and Social online platforms, PC, consoles from Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony, and advanced smart phones (i.e. IPhone, Android and RIM devices). Divisions of Atari, SA include Cryptic Studios, Eden Studios, Atari Interactive, Inc. and Atari, Inc. This wall sticker is made by Blik USA in collaboration with Atari.

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