Urbanities Now Stocks the Full PaperSelf Eyelashe Range by Taiwanese Designer

Urbanities Now Stocks the Full PaperSelf Eyelashe Range by Taiwanese Designer
17 November 2011 Mini_Fox

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The PaperSelf Designer Lashes

When we first look at someone we are most often drawn to that person’s eyes. When the eyes or eyelashes are made up there is no better way to get someone’s attention. Inspired by the art of Chinese paper-cutting, PaperSelf Eyelashes blend an element of traditional culture with contemporary design and allow the wearer to make a unique and elegant statement.

Paperself eyelashes

Paperself False Eyelashes on Urbanities

Celebrities are always seen wearing fake eyelashes, however these PaperSelf Eyelashes take beauty and accessories one step further. These attractive paper lashes featured in the 2011 London Fashion Week come in two sizes: a small size to accentuate the corners of the eyes or a large size with which to stand out and catch everyone’s attention.

Paperself Lashes - Horses

Paperself Lashes - Pony Eyelashes

See the Full Range of PaperSelf Lashes…

Urbanities stocks the small deer and butterfly lashes, the small peacock lashes, the designer pony lashes, and in the full sized lashes it has peacocks, peach blossom, peonies and horses. All of these can be found at http://www.urbanities.com.au/catalogsearch/result/?q=lashes

PaperSelf …About the Designer

Designed by the London based Taiwanese designer Chunwei Liao, each of the patterned falsies has its roots in Chinese culture and is crafted by hand. The horse is symbolic of success, the peony represents happiness and good fortune, the peach blossom is a symbol of love and romance, the peacock is auspicious and brings good luck and the butterfly is free and beautiful.

How to Apply these Falsies

To apply this Asian beauty accessory all you need to do is use eyelash glue.  Note that as these are paper excess glue makes them soggy, so apply sparingly. Given that they are delicate it is best to handle them using a pair of tweezers.

Should you want to alter the shape slightly to make them curly you can bend them gently with your fingers. Should you wish to you can also cut the lashes to suit the length of your own eyes.

Place a small amount of lash glue on your hand and dip the eyelash lightly into the glue. Put a little more glue on the edges than the rest of the lash, since they are more likely to come loose. Then place them on to your eyelashes.

It’s probably best to get a friend to help you put them on so that you can keep your eyes shut while the lashes are being attached. To take them off all you need to do is gently peel them away from your eyelashes.

As these are a little more delicate than regular false eyelashes they can be reused if treated with care.

Where to Get These Lashes?

If you are interested in these fantastic eye catching accessories take a look at this Urbanities deal: you need only spend $19 when you buy two sets of these PaperSelf eyelashes.

Each box comes with one pair of the designer lashes.