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I Like To Travel Old Style…Ecococoon Anodised Cups Are Back!

We can finally shout it out from the rooftops…Ecococoon Retro Style Stainless Steel Cups are back in stock!

If you haven’t yet set your eyes on the Ecococoon range they are stylish sets with 6 eco friendly stainless steel cups (they are eco friendly as steel is clean reusable and has no BPAs and other chemicals).

These travel cups are ideal for picnics, outings and parties… many businesses buy these cups for their offices and boardrooms as attractive anodised cups for their guests and business meetings too!

Healthy & Eco Friendly

The Ecococoon cups are hygienic, colourful and best of all reusable. They also come with a bright neoprene zippered sleeve for easy carrying and storage which keeps the cups clean if you are out hiking or in the rain or just like to protect them from dust.

About Ecococoon

Ecococoon is an Australian design house focused on providing eco friendly drink ware products to nurture and protect just like a cocoon does.

Ecococoon was established in Brisbane by mother Libby Versace due to her concern about the plastic drink ware her children were using regularly, in which bisphenol-A (BPA), a synthetic chemical widely used in the manufacturing of plastic cups and drink bottles was present.

Eager to provide eco-friendly alternatives to plastic cups Libby adopted stainless steel due to its durability, and its high resistance to corrosion which ensures that the Ecococoon products last for all your picnics and parties. Stainless steel guarantees no chemical leaching or taste taint which can often be found in plastic drink ware.

Ecococoon’s environmental focus is also long term; the end products are in fact 100% recyclable.

New Ecococoon Stainless Steel Cup Designs

Urbanities is excited to introduce seven new travel cup designs. The six new retro cup combinations are unique and also exclusive to Urbanities.

Note that Ecococoon now only produces stainless steel single and four cup sets but given the popularity of the set of six on Urbanities we’ve been lucky enough to be able to create a whole new range of design combinations available only on Urbanities.

The new designs are:

Ecococoon 6 cup Set – Holiday with Red Cover
Ecococoon 6 cup Set – Retro Disco with Orange Cover
Ecococoon 6 cup Set – 50s Diner with Purple Cover
Ecococoon 6 cup Set – Chrome with Navy Cover
Ecococoon 6 cup Set – Mythical with Fuchsia Cover
Ecococoon 6 cup Set – Adventure with Red Cover
Ecococoon 6 cup Set – Summer with Green Cover

And here are all the colourful neoprene covers:

Ecococoon Neoprene Covers

The Mythical and Adventures Series

Two of our new eco friendly travel cups designs are:

The new Mythical retro cups set contains: – 6 stainless steel cups, one of each design: Silver Knight, Yellow Dog, Hot Pink Princess, Purple Unicorn, Sea Green Mermaid and Green Dinosaur.

Ecococoon Mythical Anodised Cups

The Adventure anodised cup set also has 6 eco friendly travel cups with the following designs: Forest Green Skateboard, Red Car, Black Plane, – Midnight Blue Rocket, Green Pirate and Azure Surfboard.

Ecococoon Adventure Series Travel Cups

And here is the Neoprene Cover with the ‘Betweens’. Each set gets 6 Betweens that wrap around the cups so you can hold the cups when they have hot liquids. The cups are all stackable with the Betweens on as well.

Ecococoon Betweens for Cups & Hot Liquids


Where to Find the Ecococoon Cups?

On Urbanities Australia we have these cups in the Out n About Travel Section and on Urbanities New Zealand they are in The Traveller section.