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Quirky Gifts, Quirky Homewares Review Part 3: Standing Soup Ladle

Quirky Gifts & Quirky Homewares Review – This Week the Standing Soup Ladle The Standing Soup Ladle in Red or Black – The very innovative standing soup ladle avoids messy drips and looks very cool in any kitchen. Have you ever just ladled out some soup and then discovered that your ladle not only takes up […]

Quirky Gifts & Quirky Homewares Review Part 1: The Cactooph

Quirky Gifts Reviewed: Part 1 The Cactooph In this series of posts we’ll review some of the Quirky Gifts we have on Urbanities. Starting this week is the Cactooph by designer Mustard. How Would You Describe this Quirky Gift? The prickliest cactus toothpick holder around! Holds toothpicks and looks just like a cactus…hence a cactooph. […]

Haminals … The Adorable Pig in a Can!

Canned Haminals Coming Soon to Urbanities Haminal is an adorable canned ham animal (kind of a pig!) that combines the goodness of guinea pig, hamster, and ham in the form of a pink, rectangular canned ham plush toy. As the poster for the Hanimals says “He’s smaller, tastier, boneless and conveniently can shaped”. A few […]

Our Shipment of Quirky Japanese Bathroom Scales Just Landed!

Digital Bathroom & Travel Scales in Stock Now! Our shipment of very quirky and colourful Japanese bathroom scales just landed including the Petit Mignon, Verrette and new scales that change colour when you record a weight loss/gain from your previous reading! Petit Mignon – Pearl Yellow The Petit Mignon scales are super light weight (weigh […]

The Grandpa Whiskey Barrel Mug

A Fun Novelty Mug! The Grandpa Whiskey Barrel mug designed by Sunart is now an additiont to the Urbanities online homewares store. Serve your guest a drink or beer and invert the hat for a bowl of nuts or chips! Made of durable ceramic; it is dishwasher and microwave safe. Features of the Barrel Mug: […]

Time to Shred Some Documents at the Office!

Got Some Confidential Documents that You Need to get Rid of? It’s been a long day at the office, when you suddenly get a call from senior management ‘get rid of documents to do with project X…do it now!’ You don’t have long before the regulatory enforcers come to search the office and take away […]

The Fun and Cute Chalkboard Garden Stakes are Back!

What did I Plant in my Little Garden? Trying to remember what you planted in your little garden? These chalkboard garden stakes are super handy… plant your little green things, write their name on the chaklboard stake and watch them bloom – but above all you can now remember what you planted! No more confuding […]

Retro Games are Back with the Super Skittles!

Super Skittles … Simple Fun for All Ages! Retro fun for the whole family, parties and anywhere where old style games are cherished! Prepare yourself for skittle-tastic action! This set of 6 superhero-themed skittles and miniature bowling ball is a fun take on an old favourite. Made from natural wood and designed by the company […]

Flower Power! Garden Fork and Trowel Flower Abacus by Orla Kiely

Fork and Trowel Flower Abacus by Orla Kiely Gardening doesn’t get any better than this! Brighten up someone’s garden with this unique gardening gift idea. The fork and trowel flower abacus by Orla Kiely adds a stylish touch to gardening. Tackle the weeds and soil and get your hands dirty whilst still looking all glam. […]

The Super gift for all ages -Super Skittles by Newbies

Super Skittles – Set of Wooden Skittles by Newbies New Zealand Christmas is in the air! And so is the quest (and stress!) for that memorable and unique gift idea. Are you thinking of the perfect Christmas gift for that lovely family? Well think no more! Urbanities has done its job in giving you a range […]