Thinnest Wallet Ever! Put the Iconic Campbell’s Soup Mighty Wallet In Your Pocket

Thinnest Wallet Ever! Put the Iconic Campbell’s Soup Mighty Wallet In Your Pocket
16 May 2012 Mini_Fox

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“The Tyvek Paper Wallet…Super Thin and Light Weight!”

Sick of using a wallet that after a couple of months worth of use looks a little worse for wear? It’s got water marks on it, it’s warped out of a shape and the coin pouch is ripping…We’ve all been there before – that’s why the Dynomighty Mighty Wallet is such a breath of fresh air!

The Dynomighty Campbell’s Soup Wallet is the sturdiest and thinnest wallet out there. The Mighty Wallet is tear-resistant, expandable and recyclable and because it’s made of Tyvek paper it is very light and compact.

Dynomighty Campbell's Soup Wallet - Great Gift for Him

It is made from Tyvek, an extremely strong synthetic material. The Mighty Paper Wallet resists tearing because of thousands of interlocking plastic fibers. The origami construction reinforces the wallet by using a single folded design, allowing the wallet to gradually expand and adapt to meet your needs. In time the Mighty Wallet will soften, however it will still hold its strength and shape, unlike other traditional wallets.

The Mighty Wallet is also water resistant, so on your nights out you won’t have to worry about it getting ruined when drinks are tipped over.

Dynomighty Campbell's Soup Wallet - Quirky Men's Wallet

As well as being ridiculously tough the Dynomighty Campbell’s Soup Wallet is also eye catching and very cool. The Campbell’s Soup image is an extremely well known pop art image…the Campbell’s Soup cans.  Art lovers will adore this mighty wallet.

The Mighty Campbell’s Soup Wallet is a great gift for guys – give them something different from the usual boring leather wallet. Present them with a wallet that says something about them. They will cherish this Mighty Wallet for years to come.


Dynomighty Campbell's Soup Wallet - Cool Men's Wallet

The Campbell’s Soup Wallet includes:

2 large pockets for cash and receipts.
2 credit card pockets that expand to hold lots of cards.
2 quick access business card pockets.
Open – 8″ w x 3.25″ h x .125″ d
Weight only 17 grams!

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