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The Baggu Tote Bag Fashionable & Stylish Shopping Everyday

At Urbanities I am not joking when I say we are currently drowning under piles of new products. Recently we’ve found so many cool homewares, a ton of quirky kitchen wares and great new clothing and bags such as the Hot Pink Baggu Totebag.

Baggu Hot Pink Tote - Elegant Everday Bag

At Urbanities we’re stocking the Baggu Hot Pink Tote as well as the Red Baggu Totebag. The Baggu Tote is a bag for absolutely all occasions; use it to do your shopping, going to uni – fill it with your textbooks or use it for your everyday needs around town.

The Baggu Tote will withstand whatever you throw its way, it’s made from 16oz cotton canvas making it very sturdy.

This tote is extremely versatile. It features an adjustable 40″ strap so depending on your needs you can carry it on your shoulder or across your chest. It also includes a handle at the top of the bag meaning you can use it like a handbag. You decide!

Baggu Red Totebag - Elegant Everday Bag

This Baggu creation measures 16″ high / 10″ wide / 5.5″ deep and features a simple snap closure as well as an interior pocket for easy access to valuables such as wallets and mobile phones.

The bright Pink and Red Baggu Tote Bags on Urbanities are perfect gifts for girls looking for something original, unique and comfortable to get them through every day of the week whether they’re doing some retail therapy or catching up with friends for coffee.


Baggu Red Totebag - Cool Everday Bag

Urbanities also stocks the Baggu Sailor Stripe Backpack Baggu Cobalt Cotton Backpack, the Baggu Backpack in Neon Yellow and the Baggu Sea Cotton Canvas Backpack.

Baggu Backpack Sailor Stripe by Baggu

More about Baggu
BAGGU makes simple, high quality bags in many bright colours. They’re durable and fill many uses so you can own less stuff!