A Taste of the Wild West … Antlers, Horns and Cactii Dishes

A Taste of the Wild West … Antlers, Horns and Cactii Dishes
14 March 2014 Mini_Fox

Decorate with Wild Animal Horns and Desert Plants!

Animal decor has always been very popular, right from ancient times when hunters would decorate homes with animal skins and horns. However we’ve become much more civilised now and whilst animal decor continues to be popular we don’t normally go out and get ourselves a real animal just for decor!

Continuing this popular line of decor are the Royal Tyne jewellery dishes by IMM Living – these are reminiscent of the animals and plants and decor you might have seen in the wild west or other arid and desert like towns.

The dishes come in a few distinct styles – the Antelope antlers, Deer horns, Cactus Plant and Aloe Vera Plant… all are great as standalone decorative pieces (use as a figurine or statuette) or as a versatile jewellery, watch or other small things holder.

See them all on Urbanities online store at Royal Tyne Jewellery Dishes.

Jewellery Dish Antelope Horns

Jewellery Dish Antelope Horns


Deer Horns Jewellery Dish

Deer Horns Jewellery Dish

Specifics of the Jewellery Dishes

Crafted from fine white porcelain, this unique jewellery holder features a majestic pair of Antelope antlers. Stack rings, loop necklaces, and hang earrings above, or let your treasured accessories rest in the bottom catchall. Perfect for an eclectic-chic space or a contemporary lodge.

Features of the Jewellery dish:
* Bottom can be used as a catchall tray
* Made from Porcelain
* Size: 4.2in (diameter) x 6.25in (height)

Or the Cactus and Aloe plant dishes:

Cactus and Aloe Plant Jewellery Dishes

Cactus and Aloe Plant Jewellery Dishes

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