Super Small Light weight Music Speakers in the Shape of an Acorn

Super Small Light weight Music Speakers in the Shape of an Acorn
4 November 2011 Mini_Fox

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As the world continues to make advances in technology gadgets become smaller every day. One such example is the Motz mini wooden speaker in the shape of an acorn. Not only does it function as a speaker but it also has an inbuilt FM radio.

Long gone are the days of bulky and bland speakers. Made entirely from Apricot wood the Motz acorn speaker is eye catching and natural and is now available for purchase on Urbanities.

The Motz acorn amplifier can be used as a micro music speaker with a laptop, a mini ipod speaker or a portable iphone attachment and connects to them via its 3.5 mm cable.

Despite its size it produces an excellent, rich sound and given its weight of only 15 grams it can easily be thrown into a handbag or laptop bag and taken anywhere and everywhere.

The Motz mini acorn has a built-in rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery which operates for up to 10 hours with earphones, or 5 hours without earphones.

Urbanities Motz Acorn Music Speaker, Portable & Ligh Weight

Also available on Urbanities is the Motz mini speaker in the shape of a puppy

and in the shape of an apple.

We’ve also just added the New Motz Music Box, that has FM radio, MP3 player and is a speaker for both headphones or with its own inbuilt speaker.

Motz Music Box FM Radio and MP3 Player

Why not check them out…only available til stocks last as these are imported specially from Japan.