The Super gift for all ages -Super Skittles by Newbies

The Super gift for all ages -Super Skittles by Newbies
8 November 2013 Master_Fox

Super Skittles – Set of Wooden Skittles by Newbies New Zealand

NEWBIES Super Skittles

Christmas is in the air! And so is the quest (and stress!) for that memorable and unique gift idea.

Are you thinking of the perfect Christmas gift for that lovely family? Well think no more! Urbanities has done its job in giving you a range of novelty gift ideas this gift giving season.

Bring joy to every family through the classic game of skittles! New Zealand designer, Newbies has created a fun toy that will tickle everyone’s fancy – The Super Skittles.

This set of wooden skittles is not just your ordinary skittles, it takes after the look of 6 well-loved super heroes (Flash, Captain America, Batman and Wonder Woman!). Feel the thrill when you knock’em down with the mean “Pow” miniature bowling ball.

Nicely tucked in a cardboard box for neat storage. Convenient to take with you to wherever the action is! Play as an icebreaker game in parties or weekend family bonding.

NEWBIES Super Skittles

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