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Stainless Steel Retro Syle Travel Cups Back in Stock Dec and Early 2012

The Stainless Steel Eco Friendly Travel Cups

The stainless steel travel cups have proven so popular we have sold out completley of all sets. For those that haven’t seen these before they are stylish set of 6 eco friendly metal cups (stainless steel) perfect for picnics, outings and parties. Hygienic, colourful and best of all reusable.

They also come with a bright neoprene sleeve for easy carrying and each set also comes with Betweens – neat little neoprene bands to place at the top of your ecococoon cups for boiling hot or icy cold beverages. Made from stainless steel, easy to clean and won’t rust.

The Red Celebration Stainless Steel Cups by Ecococoon.

Stainless Steel Eco Cup by Ecococoon - red celebtration

The Orange Cover Retro 70s Stainless Steel Cups

Ecococoon Metal Cups for Travel and Picnics


When Will These Cups be Back in Stock?

Many people have asked us about these cups and when they are going to be back in stock. Actually we have organised a restocking of these cups and will in December 2011 and February 2012 be featuring unique and exclusive 6-cup sets.

For Christmas we expect to be able to offer the Red and Silver again sets that can be given as great Christmas presents.

To see all the images of the Stainless Steel Eco Cups by Ecococoon on the Urbanities store.