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The Ryan Berkley Well Dressed Animals Series of Framed Wall Prints

A collection of prints by NY artist Ryan Berkley are now sold on Urbanities. This series of quirky prints is perfect for those that think art should come with a little humour. Each print comes with their own unique character, life story and hanging frame.

They measure 6in-7in size with the black frame and are great for wall or desk decorations.

These satirical prints depict the secret lives of well dressed animals and include a clever (and often hilarious) little story behind them. We present: The Wolf:

This wolf is a well-regarded philanthropist on a lifetime quest to right the wrongs of his ancestral lineage. His pet causes include Habitat For Humanity, Elder Care, and Lycanthropes Anonymous.

Distinguished Well Dressed Wolf Print

We have a wide range of animals including the Otter, Buck, Cheetah, Mallard Duck, Polar Bear, Sloth, Red Fox, Tiger and Meerkat.

The Dapper Sea Otter…

Well Dressed Sea Otter by Ryan Berkley
Dapper See Otter Print

and the enigmatic but sociable Cheetah…

Ryan Berkley's Social and Well Dressed Cheetah
The Enigmatic Cheetah

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