Retro Games are Back with the Super Skittles!

Retro Games are Back with the Super Skittles!
13 March 2014 Mini_Fox

Super Skittles … Simple Fun for All Ages!

Retro fun for the whole family, parties and anywhere where old style games are cherished! Prepare yourself for skittle-tastic action! This set of 6 superhero-themed skittles and miniature bowling ball is a fun take on an old favourite.

Super Skittles - Wooden Set of Mini Skittles Brings Back Memories!

Super Skittles – Wooden Set of Mini Skittles Brings Back Memories!

Made from natural wood and designed by the company Newbies in New Zealand. The box dimensions: 15.3cm x 19.4cm x 13cm (so this is a mini set of skittles).

How to play skittles (just in case you were wondering)

Set up the skittles/pins…get a group of fun people of all ages together. Throw the ball at the pins and knock them over! Keep track of the scores or just play for fun…it’s up to you!

About the Designer Newbies:

Newbies represents the childhood innocence of believing that anything you dream is possible. It is a brand that values new ideas and fresh perspectives that are integrated into clever designs. They do not feel limited by anything other than their imaginations, which gives them the freedom to explore and develop new products that are unquestionably practical and overwhelmingly good looking! From dreaming big, Newbies have evolved from a single product company into a playful brand for kids and kidults alike.

Where to find the Skittles?

The Skittles are available on Urbanities at Retro Skittles – Urbanities is a new platform that connects ordinary people with not so ordinary tastes to unique and creative product designers from all over the World. Urbanities is the place you’ll find quirky homewares, unusual gifts and generally things with lots of colour and style!

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