Perfect Cups of Tea with the IS Home T-duck Infuser

Perfect Cups of Tea with the IS Home T-duck Infuser
20 October 2011 Mini_Fox

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Is your cupboard full of boxes of tea leaves? Not quite sure how to use them without your tea cup brimming with them? IS Home has come up with a fun way to avoid this problem to make sure you enjoy your tea leaves.

T-duck infuserThe T-duck infuser is a perfect way to make the most of your tea. Simply place the tea leaves in the metal underneath of the duck. The T-Duck floats in your cup while it submerges the tea leaves in the water creating the perfect infusion of your T-duck infuser pondfavourite brew.

While you are drinking your tea or when you are not using your T-duck infuser you can place it in its ‘pond’ stand to catch the drips of tea.

After use all you need to do is throw away your tea leaves and rinse out the tea infuser.

Not only is the T-duck infuser a wonderful gift but it is also a great way to enjoy tea leaves at work. It is well known that tea leaves provide a better flavour than tea bags. However, at work tea bags are often an easier option. The T-duck infuser changes that and makes it possible to enjoy tea leaves even while working.

Next time you are torn between tea bags or leaves just remember that tea bags don’t contain the same flavour or health benefits as loose leaf tea. Generally speaking, tea bags contain ‘dust’ or small pieces of tea leaves left over after processing loose leaf tea leaves!

How to make the most of your T-duck infuser and make the perfect cup of tea

First of all always store your tea in air tight containers otherwise you will find that the flavour will change over time. Keep in a dark place such as a cupboard.

Contrary to popular belief that one teaspoon of tea per cup is best, a tablespoon is often better particularly if trying to fill a mug in the office. Nor is boiling water the way to go.

Black tea: Boil the water and let it rest for a minute. Steep for three to five minutes.

Green and white tea: Water temperature should be around 70 degrees, so from boiling allow it to rest for five minutes before brewing. Steep white tea leaves for two to three minutes and Japanese green tea for one to two minutes.

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