Old Style Wall Mounted Animal Heads are Very Popular Look this Winter

Old Style Wall Mounted Animal Heads are Very Popular Look this Winter
5 December 2011 Mini_Fox

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Interior Decoration Old Style

When it comes to interior design and decoration it’s always important to add a personal touch, to find something that makes your household stand out from the others and make it special to you. Wall mounted animals are a simple but original way to add a unique touch to your living room or study.

Made with a foam core and covered in eco fur they are perfect for creating an old style look in the home and are the latest in vintage wall décor. They are an interesting alternative to paintings or prints, and are certainly more affordable!

The Wall Mounted Moose, Deer and Jackalope Heads

Not only are they sustainably and ethically produced, they are also a perfect size for any living room whether it be in a house or in an apartment. For the sizing of antlers and heads just check our site at the following links.

The Deer Head

https://foxandmonocle.com/wall-mountable-eco-fur-deer-head-medium for the deer head,

Wall mounted deer head

The Moose Head

https://foxandmonocle.com/wall-mountable-eco-fur-moose-head-medium for the moose head,

Moose head


The Mythical Jackalope Head

https://foxandmonocle.com/wall-mountable-eco-fur-jackalope-head-grey for the jackalope head.

Grey Jackalope Mounted Head

You can get these wall mounted animal heads on Urbanities for $55 (Jackalope) and $59 (Moose and deer heads), additional head designs will also be coming soon.

This winter they have proved immensely popular with guys, so why not make these wall mounted hunting trophies the next Christmas or birthday present you give?