New York Photography Leather Clutches

New York Photography Leather Clutches
13 September 2013 Mini_Fox

“Studio Manhattan makes its mark with innovative and creative designs.”

Studio Manhattan’s aim is to create functional products, however it takes its mission one step further my making its designs far more exciting and different from everything else on the market.

Brooklyn Graffiti Photo Clutch & New York Cabs Photo Clutch

Brooklyn Graffiti Photo Clutch & New York Cabs Photo Clutch

This latest range of womens’ clutches is a testament to this goal in two ways:

1. As an accessory the clutches are just perfect as they are:

  • Just the right size, not too small (as many are) and not too big. The spacious interior  allows women to take everything they need with them during the day or at night.
  • Strap included: The included strap takes this accessory from clutch to handbag – perfect for the dance floor
  • Two pockets: great for storing mobiles, make up and other useful items that often get lost.

2. They are quite simply beautiful. The Studio Manhattan Clutches are unlike all other clutches and feature beautiful photographic designs based on American and European cities and the range of colours make them really stand out.

New York Terraces Leather Clutch - Womens Bag

New York Terraces Leather Clutch

The reasons we love these clutches so much at Urbanities is that each design is different from the next and they are a perfect gift for any woman!

The clutches are made from soft leather, the photos are taken by the Studio manhattan design team and they are uniquely handmade in small quantities.

See the whole range of new clutches in the Studio Manhattan Leather Accessories section.


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