Brew Up A Storm With The Tea for Two Rabbit Tea Set

Brew Up A Storm With The Tea for Two Rabbit Tea Set
22 May 2012 Mini_Fox

“Tea for One? Why Not Have Tea for Two!”

When the Urbanities crew set their eyes upon the Tea For Two Rabbit Tea Set we couldn’t help but ooo and aaa. Who could resist the cute little Rabbit poking its head out of the tea pot!

The Rabbit Tea For Two set designed by Shinzi Katoh is a great way to spend the afternoon chatting with a friend over a cup of tea (we say friend but it could also be family or even work mates!). The Rabbit Tea Set comes with two tea cups, one tea pot and the adorable rabbit head is both a lid and a tea infuser.

All the components stack on top of each other so you can pop it away in your cardboard and still have lots of room for storing tea leaves and biscuits.

Tea for Two Rabbit Tea Set - Quirky Shinzi Katoh Bunny

Shinzi Katoh = Famous for Quirkiness and Quality!

The Shinzi Katoh tea sets are Japanese designed and made from high-quality ceramic with a unique look and style that makes them great gifts for special occasions or as a perfect accompaniment to any fun kitchen or living room. These ceramic tea sets are both microwave and dishwasher safe.

Next time you’re searching for a gift for a girl why don’t pick something quirky and different? The Rabbit Tea Set is wonderful, first of all because it’s so cute and secondly because it’s a present that just keeps on giving…Getting together over a cuppa is a great way to bond and share time with those who are important to you.

Tea for Two Bunny Rabbit Tea Pot - Cute Japanese Tea Set

Who is Shinzi Katoh?

Shinzi Katoh is a Japanese Zakka artist, Zakka being all about designing products that make people happier and make life simpler…We love this outlook on design.

Shinzi Katoh just keeps making us happier with his other creations that are now available at Urbanities such as the gorgeous Panda Two for Tea set, the Pig Tea Set, the elegant Black Cat Two for Tea and many others!