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New ‘Juice Box’ Shaped Novelty Cameras from Japan

“Introducing the Novelty Juice Box, Chocolate & Glasses Shaped Cameras”

From Japan we introduce to and the Fuuvi range of point-n-click novelty cameras. They are super quirky and shaped like no other photographic camera!

From Juice boxes to chocolate bars the Fuuvi cameras are super fun to take with you on outings, show off to friends and to snap some quick photos:)

All the cameras are easy to use and don’t require fiddly zoom, light settings or exposure times – just find something you want to take a photo of and snap away! The 35mm film cameras allow you to use both colour and black and white film for that retro photo look. The digital cameras allow you to download the images to a computer or laptop via USB cable.

Below are some images of the new Fuuvi cameras available exclusively on Urbanities.

Milk Box 35 mm Camera – Just Point-n-Click Style

Novelty Toy Camera - Gift 35mm Camera
35mm Film Novelty Camera – Milk Box Shape

The Bee Digital Camera – Looks Like the Old Style 8mm Film Recorders

Bee Digital Camera – 8mm Style Hand Held Camera & Movies


Chocolate Bar Digital camera – Comes in three Flavours!



Megane Camera – Digital Camera & Movies…Shaped like a Pair of Trendy Glasses!

Megane – Japanese Novelty Digital Camera Shaped Like Specs!


The Juice Box Camera – Uses 35mm Film and Looks like a Juice Popper!

Juice Box Shaped 35mm Cameras – Fun Novelty Cameras!


Prices for the novelty cameras range from $40 to $75, they are all limited quantities available from August 2013.

If you are interested in purchasing the Cameras Wholesale (as a stockist or larger corporate orders) see our Wholesale site The Urban Refinery.