Bring Out Your Inner Nerd With The Hello Kitty Nerd Backpack

Bring Out Your Inner Nerd With The Hello Kitty Nerd Backpack
12 June 2012 Mini_Fox

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“Nerdy Hello Kitty Backpacks!”

Are you sick of all the boring backpacks out there? We sure are…Fortunately we stumbled across the latest creation by Loungefly.

The Hello Kitty Nerd Backpack gets a big thumbs up from all of us at Urbanities because it’s a little different. It stands out from all those other dull backpacks out there that don’t express anything about the person using it. The Hello Kitty school bag is cute, quirky and a little bit geeky.

The Hello Kitty bag features a nerdy glasses face with an attached 3D padded red tartan bow.  The top of the backpack also has pointy Hello Kitty ears!

Hello Kitty Nerd Backpack by Loungefly

The Hello Kitty Nerd Backpack is made from sturdy canvas and is then waterproof coated to survive any rainy days and intrepid travels. It also has a padded back and shoulder straps for comfort. The front pocket provides easy access to items such as phones and wallets that are easily lost at the bottom of backpacks.

This Loungefly creation is also an ideal school bag as its padded back ensure that students carrying textbooks will not suffer from back pain. Measuring 35cm in width and 45cm in height it is a perfect size for books, lunchboxes and pencil cases. The front compartment also includes a pen holder.

Hello Kitty Backpack Bag - Nerdy Face and Bow

Travel in style with Hello Kitty

Traveling with the Hello Kitty Nerd Face bag will be stress free..You’ll never confuse this cute face with other bags. Its size makes it perfect for short trips and its vinyl surface will ensure it withstands all sorts of journeys and adventures on planes, buses and trains.

This very cute Collector’s Edition Hello Kitty backpack for kids and the young at heart is available on Urbanities as a unique limited edition travel and style accessory.

Another fantastic backpack is the Hello Kitty by Loungefly Red Bow Backpack With Ears…great for traveling, school and day to day use.