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Miniature Food Paper Clay Kits from Japan Lots of Fun!

Are you a fan of cream cakes? How about cream cakes with bling? We are talking of course of fake food!

We’ve just added some cute dessert paper clay kits from Japan. These are small kits with tools, clay and decorations to make a small dessert model that you can hang from your phone or keychain.

Making miniature foods from modelling clay is a popular hobby and craft activity in Japan that is fast catching on in Australia.

These kits are an easy way to get started or to give as a gift for both kids and adults. They are easy to make, safe to use and you can also pop them on display afterwards!

If cakes aren’t your cup of tea then how about a sweet candy eraser making kit…use them to rub out any mistakes you make!

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Here are some of the clay kits…