Matryoshka and Babushka Inspired Kitchen Product Designs

Matryoshka and Babushka Inspired Kitchen Product Designs
11 November 2011 Mini_Fox

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The Matryoshka and Babushka Doll Design Trend

Matryoshka and Babushka doll inspired homewares are without a doubt the biggest trend for this season. Not only can you find such designs in the kitchen and home but images of these dolls are also on bags and clothing. Urbanities currently stocks the American brand Fred and its Russian inspired items.

What is the History Behind this Current Trend?

Matryoshka or babushka dolls were first carved from wood in 1890 and they were nesting dolls, each one slightly smaller than the other, so that they could be placed one inside the other.

Why are they called Matryoshka?

The name Matryoshka comes from the popular Russian name Matriona.  It is believed that this name has a Latin root “mater” meaing “mother”. So the set of nesting dolls tended to represent a family with the largest doll being the mother or grandmother and the smaller dolls were the daughters. So having matryoshka or babushka kitchen wares is a bit like having your mother help you in the kitchen and pass on all her secrets and tips!

The US brand Fred has sought to make cooking fun by creating measuring spoons, measuring cups and nesting glass tumblers inspired by this Russian tradition. These new Fred designs add a touch of history and fun to the kitchen.  The Babushkups Nesting Set of Three Stylish Glass Tumblers are perfect for any small or cluttered kitchen. They fit perfectly into one another and therefore take up hardly any space.

Babushkups - Nesting Glass Tumblers - Cute Dining Products


Also created by Fred are the Matryoshka M-Spoons measuring spoons (set of 5) which are accurate dry measures of 1/4, 1/2 and 1 teaspoon, 1/2 and 1 tablespoon. These are extremely cute and are a fantastic way to get children involved in cooking by showing them that even the utensils can be a source of entertainment and toy like!

The final Fred creation are the Matryoshka M-Cups measuring cups (set of 6). They measure 1/4, 1/3, 1/2, 2/3, 3/4 and 1 full cup, and are built from heavy-duty, food-safe, long-life engineering plastics.

All three designs can be easily stored and washed in the dishwasher, making cooking and cleaning even easier. These cute kitchenware products are designed by Fred an internationally recognised designer or cute and quirky homewares and kitchen products that are easy to gift and look great in any style of home.

These products are often bought as a gift for parties, house warming gifts or for a friend who needs something small for the kitchen. To learn more about these Fred products go to:

Quirky Babushkups Set of Three Nesting Glass Tumblers or

Matryoshka M-Cups and M-Spoons for Kitchen Food Measurement.