Do Magic this Summer With Bunny Pops Popsicle Maker Mould

Do Magic this Summer With Bunny Pops Popsicle Maker Mould
18 September 2012 Mini_Fox

“Staying Cool in the Summer Heat”

As we’re heading into summer we find ourselves spending more time trying to stay cool! So instead of cranking up the air-con why not try pulling a bunny out of a magician’s hat with the Ototo Design Bunny Ice Block Mould and keep everyone entertained.

Ototo Bunny Pops - Quirky Popsicle Mould

The Bunny Popsicle maker is much easier than doing magic tricks. All you need to do is fill the Bunny ice block moulds with your favourite fruit juice or cordials, pop into the freezer and then abracadabra! The bunnies pop right out of the magician’s magical hat.

If you’re feeling adventurous you could even make chocolate bunnies with the Ototo Design Bunny Pops.

Bunny Ice Block Mould - Quirky Ototo Kitchenware

The Bunny Popsicle Maker is extremely easy to use, making it a wonderful Christmas gift or birthday present for children. Kids will enjoy experimenting and trying out different flavours and colours with the Bunny Ice Block Mould.

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