Uber Luxury Living with the Metal Lounge Chip n Dip by Nambe

Uber Luxury Living with the Metal Lounge Chip n Dip by Nambe
1 May 2012 Mini_Fox

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Bring some elegance to your snack times with the Metal Lounge Snack Holder by Nambe

Nambe is undoubtedly at the forefront of elegant homeware design. It is best known for its original use of stainless steel, proprietary alloy and porcelain. Its creation are always eye catching and dramatically unique.

The Metal Chip and Dip Holder is another fantastic Nambe homeware bringing a touch of style and originality to every household.

Luxury Chip and Dip by Nambe Homewares


The Metal Snack Holder is a truly versatile design… the “chip” end is generous and beveled; the other, a more structured hollow holding up to 2 ounces of dip. The designers at Nambe are so thoughtful you can ever heat the Metal Snack holder and use it to present warm snacks such as fish cakes or meatballs. You can even chill it and serve snacks such as prawns and dipping sauce.

They great thing about the Nambe Chip and Dip Holder is that you can use it when entertaining or even when you’re having a movie night at home  and feel like treating yourself!

The Nambe Snack Holder also makes a wonderful gift given its high quality design and style. Your friends will love this exceptional homeware present.

Playful and praised, this versatile piece earned a design recognition at the Chicago Athenaeum Good Design Exhibition in 2005.

About Nambe

When Nambé was established in 1951, it was named after an ancient village not far from Santa Fe. In the early 1950s, during Modernism’s mid-century design movement, their first timeless pieces were handcrafted in the small village north of Nambe.

It was then that Nambe’s passion for exceptional design had begun. Their inspiration: the discovery of a proprietary alloy. Over the years, this vested passion has become their philosophy. Every piece that is crafted must have an undeniable beauty, artistic integrity, uncompromising quality, and function beyond compare.

Today Nambé is a company recognized worldwide for its award-winning designs and admired for its dedication to both artistic integrity and everyday functionality.

See the Nambe Chip n Dip

Rather than using old bowls or eating straight out of the chip packet bring a touch of elegance to your snack nights with this luxury chip n dip tray. See the Metal Nambe Snack Holder on the Urbanities Luxury Lifestyle Gifts & Homewares stores.