Lightweight, Super Soft and Comfortable Thongs in Bright Colours by Breo

Lightweight, Super Soft and Comfortable Thongs in Bright Colours by Breo
30 September 2011 Mini_Fox

With the weather warming up and summertime thankfully just around the corner it is time to take a look through the wardrobe and do away with those winter coats, jumpers and boots by replacing them with the latest (and brightest!) in summer fashion. And what better to invest in than the soft and very comfortable Breo Thongs now on sale on Urbanities.

Already very popular in the UK, Urbanities has sought to bring these super lightweight thongs (or flip flops as they say in the UK) to our own customers.

We’ve tested these thongs ourselves and found that the inner sole is really soft and has a cushion like feel. Many thongs are often hard with style and feel an after thought so once we’d tried these we knew we had to stock them for beach and outdoor people!

Breo thongs green and yellow

These beach thongs are made from 100% Thai rubber which is both organic and bio-degradable, thus helping protect and preserve the environment. Also important is that they will remain odour free and are easily washable.

Not only are they produced using eco friendly materials but they are also perfect for all day wear at the beach or around town. The fit is comfortable and the soft material with a thin toe divider means you won’t get sore toes.

This unique design will undoubtedly add a splash of colour and fun to your day as they come in many different vibrant colours such as the following combinations:

* Yellow / Black
* Red / Blue / Yellow
* Yellow/Pink
* Brazil (Green / Yellow)
* Lime / Red
* Blue / Brown

At the moment we have a limited quantity of these Breo thongs so first come, first served with respect to sizing (we do have some of the smaller sizes too).

To decide which colours you like go to Breo Thongs Styles on