Kids Nursery … Counting Sheep With The Insomnia Wall Sticker

Kids Nursery … Counting Sheep With The Insomnia Wall Sticker
1 May 2012 Mini_Fox

Can the Kids Sleep Better in the New Nursery with some Cute Wall Decor?

The designers at Threadless have spent many a sleepless night creating cool and quirky t-shirts. Inspired (or perhaps frustrated) by their lack of sleep they came up with the very cute Insomnia design…originally for tops but now it’s also a fantastic and iconic wall sticker new on Urbanities.

 Counting Sheep with the Threadless Wall Sticker

The Threadless Insomnia Decal is more than just a standard wall sticker, it’s also reusable which means that as well as being able to count sheep all night long you can also move your furry friends around from room to room, until you find the perfect spot for them to graze.

The Threadless sheep wall sticker is perfect for a child’s bedroom or a newborn’s nursery adding a touch of originality to the decor. You can even get your children playing counting games with the sheep decal.

Having said that this reusable wall sticker is also great for an adult’s bedroom.

The Insomnia Wall stickers comprises five sheep measuring 8″ by 6″ and one sheet of tallies. Wall stickers are extremely easy to apply, all you need to do is clean the surface on which you intend to put the sticker and quite simply just place the stickers against the wall and peel away the backing. It couldn’t be an easier way to add some fun and uniqueness to your home decor.

You can find the Threadless Insomnia Wall Sticker  and many other wall decals at either:

Urbanities Australia Wall Art, or
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