Please Don’t Stop the Music! The WOW Portable Speaker by KAKKOII

Please Don’t Stop the Music! The WOW Portable Speaker by KAKKOII
25 October 2013 Master_Fox

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The WOW Portable Speaker by KAKKOII

KAKKOII WOW Blue Portable SpeakerRihanna just sang it, now it’s your turn to see for yourself! 

With this WOW awesome portable speaker, you’ll never want to unplug your music literally!

This unique gadget designed by a Japanese boutique agency is a compact, durable and wireless portable speaker that is easy to connect and recharge.

Once the speaker is turned on, simply pair it with your mobile phone or laptop and enjoy your music or audio through the WOW speaker.

The speaker takes the shape of a real speaker and comes in bright colours which will surely stand out. It’s silicone material makes it a durable piece of music accessory which you can carry in a sandy beach or a grassy lawn.

KAKKOII WOW Blue Portable Speaker


It may look too cute for a speaker but don’t be deceived! This little music accessory is a mean modern boombox that does not compromise on sound quality. The WOW portable speaker has a bluetooth range of up to 9 metres from the phone/iPod/laptop device and can be positioned in many ways to vary the sound effects of an all around sound, directed sound or muffled sound.

Use this portable speaker to wow your friends on a spontaneous Friday night house party with its long battery life of 3-4 hours.

The perfect quirky gift to yourself (if you are a music junkie!) or a friend who just can’t get enough of the beat!