Who is Joseph Joseph? The Totally Quirky Kitchenware Designer!

Who is Joseph Joseph? The Totally Quirky Kitchenware Designer!
5 April 2012 Mini_Fox

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Innovative, quirky, practical. These are all adjectives used to describe Joseph Joseph. Kitchenwares by the English design house Joseph Joseph have been created by the two minds of the Joseph twins, Richard and Antony, who decided to pour their business and design skills into a career they love.

Joseph Joseph quirky kitchenware has been immensely popular and it is now one of the fastest growing companies in the kitchenwares market. Their growing success is quite clear when you take a look at their designs which are all about making cooking and eating less stressful so that you can enjoy the sensual experience.

All of their products make very cool and sometimes unusual kitchen gifts. Some of the most loved Joseph Joseph kitchen wares can be found in Urbanities Homewares & Kitchenwares section.

Some of the Most Unusual and Quirky Joseph Joseph (sometimes known as Josef Josef) Ideas:

JosephJoseph Hands On Salad Bowl with Serving Hands

Hands On Salad Bowl With Integrated Server is one of the most useful and visually fun kitchen and tableware items.

Joseph Joseph Hands on Salad BowlThe Hands On Salad Bowl is perfect for eliminating mess as the servers sit neatly on the side of the bowl. Made from 100% melamine, this product makes a fun and practical solution for both indoor and outdoor entertaining.

JosephJoseph Garlic Rocker

Another Joseph Joseph kitchen ware created to make cooking easier is the Garlic Rocker Stainless-steel Garlic Crusher. This garlic crusher is create for those with wrist injuries or arthritis as it requires minimal effort (ever tried those garlic presses that require superhuman force! Not this one as it’s a rocking motion).

Who is Joseph Joseph? The Totally Quirky Kitchenware Designer!

With this cool kitchen ware you’ll never have to worry about getting garlic under your  nails again or trying to dice it as thinly as possible. All you need to do is rock the crusher over the garlic and scrap off the garlic with a spoon into your fry pan.

The Classic Chop-2-Pot Chopping Board by JosephJoseph

A perfect kitchen gift to accompany the Garlic Crusher is the Chop-2- Pot Plus Non Slip Cutting Board.

Who is Joseph Joseph? The Totally Quirky Kitchenware Designer!Cut things easily on the non slip cutting board, then gently fold the sides over and watch everything slide neatly into your saucepan. Never again will you waste time cleaning food off your stove top.

New Joseph Joseph Baking Gift Set Coming Soon to Urbanities

The latest Joseph Joseph cool kitchen gift that we’re excited about at Urbanities (we’ve been testing it out too!) is the Joseph Joseph Baking Gift Set 4-piece set for perfect pastry and cakes (with the adjustable rolling pin and a timer)…

Who is Joseph Joseph? The Totally Quirky Kitchenware Designer!This perfect gift for baking lovers includes an adjustable rolling pin so you can measure out different pastry diameters, a kitchen timer, an elevate small spatula and an elevate pastry brush (both of which don’t touch kitchen surfaces saving you cleaning time).

Keep an eye on the Urbanities Joseph Joseph Australia or Urbanities Joseph Joseph New Zealand for this new product and our other Joseph Joseph items!

>>Joseph Joseph is found in the Quirky Kitchenwares (Cooking Room) Category on Urbanities.


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