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Stay Hydrated this Spring with the Little Eiffel Tower Bottle

“Spring is here!… Take a Cool Drink to Work!”

The Small Heat Proof Drink Bottle by Prime Nakamura Japan is perfect for all situations. During summer just fill it up with your favourite drink and off you go. In winter take a hot chocolate or tea to work with you in your Nakamura Japanese eco friendly drink bottle.

These bottles are great for those that want to avoid plastic bottles and is a more eco friendly way to take a drink to work or school!

Unlike most Thermos the Eiffel Tower Water Bottle is light weight (only 300g ) and eye catching with a beautiful Eiffel Tower design.

Eiffel Tower Drink Bottle - Eco Friendly Nakamura Water Bottle

The Nakmura water bottle holds 250ml liquid and measures 5cm diameter and 18cm tall, making it easy to slip into your bag on your way out.  It is also extremely easy to clean.

Keeping a stainless steel drink bottle is an easy way to save money. Think of all the dollars that would go down the drain every day you buy a bottle of water. Not to mention the energy produced to then recycle the plastic. The Nakamura Japanese Portable Drink Bottle is the ideal solution for athletes, business people and students who need to keep hydrated and on the ball.

Most importantly stainless steel drink bottles are free from the risks associated with the re-use of plastic drink bottles, such as the leaching of toxic chemicals into the water.

The Nakamura Japanese Stainless Steel Water Bottle is designed in Japan and is available for the first time in Australia on Urbanities.

We also stock the Forest Black Eco Friendly Bottle.