Trick and Treat! Juice box shaped film camera by Fuuvi

Trick and Treat! Juice box shaped film camera by Fuuvi
8 October 2013 Master_Fox

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Fuuvi Juice Box 35mm Film Point-n-Click Camera – Apple

It’s a juice box.  It’s a camera.  No, it’s a juice box camera!

Fuuvi juice box camera apple

camera in disguise: Fuuvi juice box camera

Trick your family and officemates with a snap from Fuuvi camera and capture their surprise faces on photo!

This camera in disguise is the perfect gadget that will make everyone smile!

The Fuuvi Juice box 35mm film point and click camera is just one the quirky products designed by a Japanese based company, Fuuvi. Their range of cameras, often regarded as toy cameras fuses charm and functionality making it a one of a kind gift idea.

It works like the typical 35mm film camera (the likes of Kodak camera that our parents used back in 1990’s) where you load a new roll of film once you’ve finished the other roll.

Once the film roll is loaded, you simply twist the straw to turn it on. Look at the view finder and press the shutter button to take photos.

The Fuuvi camera is compact and light weight making it easy to carry around.

Don’t like the apple flavour?  Fuuvi camera  comes in a range of styles and ‘flavours’ including:

The Milk Box 35mm camera

Fuuvi milk box cameras

Fuuvi milk box cameras


the Megane (glasses shape) digital camera

Fuuvi megane camera red

Fuuvi Megane red camera


the Chocolate block digital camera and

Fuuvi chocolate digital camera

Fuuvi chocolate digital camera


the Bee 8mm film style handheld digital camera

Fuuvi BEE-8mm-camera-white2

Fuuvi Bee 8mm white camera


Grab your style and flavour now!